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Lesson and Show Prices 2017-2018
Private lessons: $65(once a week rate)
Private lesson packages:$440 for two lessons a week  or $600 for three or more a week(must commit to this each month to get discounted rate. two or more lessons missed result in full private lesson price of $65/if leasing or owning a horse, the horse may be ridden in place of missed lesson) 
Group lessons: $55 per rider ( 2 or more riders or your package rate)
Training Rides:$50 
Traveling within 30 miles for rides or to teach is $15 on top of reg. fee, over 30 miles travel cost 
depends on mileage.
All lessons are 45 min to an hour. Groups will be decided on depending on rider levels by the trainer.

 Show day fee: $75 per rider- per day: plus hotel room, gas, groom and tack/groom stall fees that will be split between customers.  Horse shows with in 30 miles from home barn round trip are $30 per horse.  For travel fee over 30 miles will be .46 cents a mile plus $100 service fee divided between all customers.
Horse use: per day if not leasing a horse, this includes the schooling day as well: $50 a day
Groom fee and supplies for shows:TBA

Sales and Leasing:
Sale and leased horses: 15% commission on all sales or leases that go through me. (this includes my opinion on a final decision for sales or leases) minimum of $300 on all horses bought, sold or leased for less than $3000. $100 a day for traveling to go see a possible purchase or lease plus extras such as gas and hotels. If a horse purchase is made then 50% of days traveled with be deducted from sale or lease commission. Horse leasing from my barn: 1 year lease $XXX a month plus shoeing, worming and board. ½ year lease is the same. Plus insurance on all  leased sale horses. No month to month leases and a minimum of two lessons a week while leasing a horse.

Grooming extras:
Full Body clipping : $200
Winter clip: $160
Mane pull: $35
Show clip: $20
Injured horse care: $40 for time and supplies
Trailering to vet and handeling:
 $60 round trip
First Flight Farm LLC. Services
At First Flight Farm, we take care to provide our clients high quality personalized services for their unique needs. We are located only a half hour drive north east of Tallahassee and a twenty minute drive south west of Thomasville, GA.

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